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Party Type Codes

Type of code: Case Type Codes | Party Type Codes

Party Type Code

Party Type Description

ADP Adoptee
AKA Also Known As
ASI Assignee
BON Bondsman
BRT Breathalyzer Tech
CIW Civil Warrant
CLA Claimant
COM Commissioner
CON Conservator
CNA Conservator Adult
CNM Conservator Minor
COC Counterclaimant
CRE Creditor
CRC Cross Complainant
DEB Debtor
DEC Decedent
DEF Defendant
DBA Doing Business As
EXM Examiner
FDB Formerly Doing Bus
FKA Formerly Known As
GDF Garnishee Defendant
GCA Guard Consvtor Adult
GCM Guard Consvtor Minor
GAL Guardian Ad Litem
GRA Guardian Adult
GRM Guardian Minor
HER Heir
ICP Incomp/Incap Person
ITP Interpretor
INT Intervenor
MIN Minor Child
NKA Now Known As
OF1 Officer 1
OF2 Officer 2
OTH Other Party
PYE Payee
PYR Payor
PRP Personal Rep
PET Petitioner
PLA Plaintiff
PRB Probation Officer
PTP Protected Person
REP Reporter
RES Respondent
TPC Third Pty Cmplainant
TPD Third Pty Defendant
TPP Third Pty Plaintiff
TN True Name
TRE Trustee
TRR Trustor
VIC Victim
WIT Witness

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