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Rule 86. Licensed paralegal practitioners.

(a) Application ofthe Rules of Civil Procedure to licensed paralegal practitioners. To theextent consistent with their limited license, licensed paralegal practitionersmust be treated in the same manner as attorneys for purposes of interpretingand implementing these rules. If a rule permits or requires an attorney to signor file a document, a licensed paralegal practitioner may do so only if thereis an applicable court-approved form available and the practice is consistentwith the scope of the licensed paralegal practitioner?s license.

(b) Terms ?attorney?and ?counsel.? Throughout these rules, where the terms ?attorney,??lawyer,? and ?counsel? are used, they refer to legal professionals. Legalprofessionals include licensed paralegal practitioners in the practice areasfor which licensed paralegal practitioners are authorized to practice. Thosepractice areas are set forth in Utah Special PracticeRule 14-802 unless specifically carved out in this rule.

(c) Disclosures underRules 26, 26.1, and 26.3. Licensed paralegal practitioners are permitted toprepare and serve initial, supplemental, and pretrial disclosures under Rules 26, 26.1, and 26.3.

(d) Licensedparalegal practitioner fees. Where these rules refer to attorney fees, theyalso mean licensed paralegal practitioner fees. Under Rule 73, licensed paralegalpractitioners may recover fees with a supporting affidavit. Rule 73(f)(1)-(3)does not apply to licensed paralegal practitioners.

(e) Appearances.

?(e)(1) Under Rule 75, a licensed paralegalpractitioner whose agreement with a party is limited to the preparation, butnot the filing, of a pleading or other paper is not required to enter anappearance.

(e)(2) A licensed paralegal practitioner whohas entered a general appearance is obligated to inform the client of anypapers filed, regardless of whether the paper falls within the scope of thelicensed paralegal practitioner?s representation. ?


Effective December 19,2019