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Rule 58. Ruling.

(a) After reviewing thepetition on appeal, any response, and the record, the Court of Appeals may ruleby opinion, memorandum decision, or order. The Court of Appeals may issue adecision or may set the case for full briefing under Rule 24. The Court of Appealsmay order an expedited briefing schedule and specify which issues shall bebriefed.(b) If the Court of Appeals sets the case for briefing under Rule 24 and the petitioner hasappointed counsel, the Court of Appeals will remand to the juvenile court to appointappellate counsel pursuant to Rule 11-401 of the Utah Code ofJudicial Administration.

(c) If the Court ofAppeals affirms, reverses, or remands the juvenile court order, judgment, ordecree, further review pursuant to Rule 35 may besought, but refusal to grant full briefing shall not be a ground forsuch further review.



Effective October 8, 2019pursuant to CJA Rule 11-105(5)