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Rule 54. Transcript of proceedings.

(a) Duty of appellant to requesttranscript. Within 4 days after filing the notice of appeal, the appellantshall file with the clerk of the appellate court a written request fortranscript, specifying the entire proceeding or parts of the proceeding to betranscribed that are not already on file. Within the same period, the appellantshall file a copy with the clerk of the juvenile court and serve the parties.

(b) If appellant intends to urgeon appeal that a finding or conclusion is unsupported by or is contrary to theevidence, the appellant must include in the record a transcript of all evidencerelevant to such finding or conclusion. Neither the court nor the appellee is obligated to correct appellant?s deficienciesin providing the relevant portions of the transcript.

(c) Notice that no transcriptneeded. If no parts of the proceeding need to be transcribed, within four daysafter filing the notice of appeal, the appellant shall file a notice to thateffect with the clerk of the Court of Appeals and a copy with the clerk of thejuvenile court.