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Rule 53

Rule 53. Notice of appeal.

(a) Filing and contents. A notice of appeal filed pursuant to Rule 52(a) must be filed with the clerk of the juvenile court where the order was entered. The notice shall specify the party or parties taking the appeal; shall designate the judgment or order, or part thereof, appealed from; shall designate the court from which the appeal is taken; and shall designate the court to which the appeal is taken. The notice of appeal shall substantially comply with the notice of appeal form that accompanies these rules.

(b) Signature or Diligent Search. The notice of appeal must be signed by appellant?s counsel and by appellant, unless the appellant is a minor child or state agency. Counsel filing a notice of appeal without appellant?s signature shall contemporaneously file, with the clerk of the juvenile court, a certification that substantially complies with the Counsel?s Certification of Diligent Search form that accompanies these rules. An amended notice of appeal adding appellant?s signature shall be filed within 15 days of the filing of the notice of appeal or the appeal shall be dismissed.

(c) Service. The appellant shall serve a copy of the notice on counsel of record of each party, including the Guardian ad Litem, or, if the party is not represented by counsel, then on the party at the party?s last known address, in the manner prescribed in Rule 3(e). Promptly after filing the notice of appeal with the clerk of the juvenile court, the appellant shall mail or deliver an informational copy of such notice to the clerk of the Court of Appeals.