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Rule 51. Disposition of petition forwrit of certiorari.


(a) Order afterconsideration. The Supreme Court will enter an order denying the petition orgranting the petition in whole or in part. The order shall be decidedsummarily, shall be without oral argument, and shall not constitute a decisionon the merits. The clerk shall not issue a formal writ unless directed by theSupreme Court.


(b) Grant ofpetition.


(b)(1) Whenever anorder granting a petition for a writ of certiorari is entered, the Clerk of theSupreme Court forthwith shall notify the Clerk of the Court of Appeals andcounsel of record.


(b)(2) If the recordhas not previously been filed, the Clerk of the Supreme Court shall request theclerk of the court with custody of the record to certify it and transmit it tothe Supreme Court.


(b)(3) The clerkshall file the record and give notice to the parties of the date on which itwas filed and the date on which petitioner's brief is due.


(b)(4) Rules 24through 31 shall govern briefs, argument, and disposition of the petition forwrit of certiorari. In applying Rules 24 through 31, the petitioner shall standin the place of the appellant and the respondent in the place of the appellee.In lieu of providing the citation or statements required by Rules 24(a)(5)(A)and (B), the statement of the issues presented for review as required by Rule24(a)(5) shall include, for each issue, a statement and citation showing thatthe issue was presented in the petition for certiorari or fairly includedtherein.


(c) Denial ofpetition. Whenever a petition for a writ of certiorari is denied, an order tothat effect will be entered, and the Clerk of the Supreme Court forthwith willnotify the Court of Appeals and counsel of record.


EffectiveDecember 1, 2018