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Rule 36. Remittitur.

(a) Date ofissuance.

(1) The Supreme Court will issue a remittitur 15 days after the judgmentis entered. If a petition for rehearing is timely filed, the remittitur willissue five days after the order disposing of the petition is entered.

(2) The Court of Appeals will issue a remittitur? immediately after the time for filing apetition for writ of certiorari expires. If a petition for writ of certiorariis timely filed, the Court of Appeals will automatically stay issuing theremittitur until the Supreme Court?s disposition on the petition for writ ofcertiorari. If the Supreme Court denies the petition, the Court of Appeals willissue its remittitur five days after the order denying the petition is entered.If the Supreme Court grants the petition, jurisdiction of the appeal will transferto the Supreme Court, and the Court of Appeals will close its file and transferthe record on appeal, if any, to the Supreme Court.

(3) The time to issue the remittitur may be otherwise stayed, enlarged,or shortened by court order. The court?s opinion, any direction as to costs,and the record of the proceedings will constitute the remittitur.

(b) Stay,supersedeas, or injunction pending application for review to the Supreme Courtof the United States. A stay or supersedeas of the remittitur or aninjunction pending application for review to the United States Supreme Courtmay be granted on motion and for good cause. Any motion for a stay of theremittitur or for approval of a supersedeas bond or for an order suspending,modifying, restoring, or granting an injunction during the appeal must be filedin the Utah Supreme Court. Reasonable notice of the motion must be given to allparties. The period of the stay, supersedeas, or injunction will be for suchtime as the court orders, up to and including the final disposition of theapplication for review. A bond or other security on such terms as the courtdeems appropriate may be required as a condition to the grant or continuance ofrelief under this paragraph. If the stay, supersedeas, or injunction is granteduntil the final disposition of the application for review, the party seekingthe review must, within the time permitted for seeking the review, file withthe clerk of the court that entered the decision sought to be reviewed, thenotice of appeal, petition for writ of certiorari, or other application forreview, or must file a certificate that such application for review has beenfiled. Upon? filing an order of theUnited States Supreme Court dismissing the appeal or denying the petition for awrit of certiorari, the remittitur will issue immediately.

EffectiveNovember 1, 2020