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Rule 24A. Briefs in cross-appeals.

(a)??????? Party designation. The party first filing a noticeof appealis the appellant. The party filing asecond or subsequent notice of appealis the cross-appellant. Theparties may changethe designation of partiesby stipulation filedwith the court, or the court may order a different designation of parties. Each party is entitled to file two briefs.

(b)??????? Appellant?s principal brief.The appellant must file aprincipalbrief that presents the issues raisedin the appeal.

(c)??????? Cross-appellant?s principal brief. The cross-appellant must then file one brief, thatfirst responds to the appellant?s issues raised in theappeal and then,in the same brief,presents the issues raised inthe cross-appeal. The brief may include a singleintroduction, statement of the issue,statement of the case, andconclusion.

(d) ????? Appellant?s reply brief. The appellant may then file one briefthat first repliesto the cross-appellant?s responseto the issues raised in the appeal and then responds to the issues raised in the cross-appeal.

(e)??????? Cross-appellant?s replybrief. Thecross-appellant may file a reply brief that repliesto the appellant?s responseto the issues raised in cross-appeal.

(f)??????? No further briefs. No furtherbriefs may be filed except with leave of the appellatecourt.

(g)??????? Length of briefs.

??????????? (g)(1)?? Unlessa brief complieswith the following pagelimits, it must comply with the following word limits:

Type of brief

Page limit

Word limit

Appellant?s principal brief



Cross-appellant?s principal brief



Appellant?s reply brief



Cross-appellant?s reply brief




(g)(2)?? Headings, footnotes,and quotations count toward the page or word limit, but the table of contents, tableof authorities, and addendum do not.?

(h)??????? Applicability of Rule 24. Except asprovided in this rule, Rule 24 applies to briefs in a cross-appeal.


Effective November 1, 2017