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Rule 1. Scope of rules.

(a) Applicability of rules. Theserules govern the procedure before the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals ofUtah in all cases. Applicability of these rules to the review of decisions ororders of administrative agencies is governed by Rule 18. When these rulesprovide for a motion or application to be made in a trial court or anadministrative agency, commission, or board, the procedure for making suchmotion or application shall be governed by the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure,Utah Rules of Criminal Procedure, and the rules of practice of the trial court,administrative agency, commission, or board.

(b) Reference to"court." Except as provided in Rule 43, when these rules refer to adecision or action by the court, the reference shall include a panel of thecourt. The term "trial court" means the court or administrativeagency, commission, or board from which the appeal is taken or whose ruling isunder review. The term "appellate court" means the court to which theappeal is taken.

(c) Procedure established bystatute. If a procedure is provided by state statute as to the appeal or reviewof an order of an administrative agency, commission, board, or officer of thestate which is inconsistent with one or more of these rules, the statute shallgovern. In other respects, these rules shall apply to such appeals or reviews.

(d) Rules not to affectjurisdiction. These rules shall not be construed to extend or limit thejurisdiction of the Supreme Court or Court of Appeals as established by law.

(e) Title. These rules shall beknown as the Utah Rules of Appellate Procedure and abbreviated Utah R. App. P.

(f) Rules for appeals in childwelfare proceedings. Appeals taken from juvenile court orders related to abuse,neglect, dependency, termination, and adoption proceedings are governed byRules 52 through 59, except for orders related to substantiation proceedingsunder Section 78-3a-320. Rules 9 and 23B do not apply. Due to the summarynature of child welfare appeals, Rule 10(a)(2)(A) does not apply. Otherappellate rules apply if not inconsistent with Rules 52 through 59.