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Rule 9-108. Justice court standards.


To establish theresponsibility for certifying new justice courts and recertifying existingjustice courts. 


This rule shall apply tothe judiciary. 

Statement of theRule: 

(1) Responsibilities of theBoard of Justice Court Judges. The Board shall be responsible for thefollowing: 

(A) To recommend to theCouncil: 

(i) minimum guidelineswhich demonstrate the need for a justice court, and which take into account thepopulation, the number of case filings, the public convenience, theavailability of law enforcement agencies and court support services, theproximity of other courts and other factors, and 

(ii) operationalstandards for statutorily required support services such as public facilities,clerical support, bailiff services, prosecution and indigent defenseservices. 

(B) To recommend to theCouncil the creation and recertification of justice courts. 

(C) To recommend to theCouncil procedures for reviewing requests for waivers or extensions of time tomeet guidelines or standards. 

(2) Adoption and reviewof standards. 

(A) Proposed minimumguidelines for establishing the need for court and operational standards shallbe distributed for comment to affected agencies and organizations beforesubmission to the Council for approval. 

(B) Operationalstandards shall be reviewed and updated every two years. 

(3) Publication.Guidelines for establishing the need for a court, operational standards and theprocedures for requesting waivers or extensions of time to meet the standardsshall be made available upon request.