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Rule9-104. Salary recommendations.


To establish the process for determiningrecommended salary levels for Justice Court judges.


This rule shall apply to the Board ofJustice Court Judges and the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) The Personnel Manager for the courtsshall develop a salary plan for Justice Court judges. A weighted caseloadformula, which has been reviewed and approved by the Board, shall serve as abasis for determining relative pay ranges.

(2) A revision of the recommended salaryscale shall be done whenever the compensation of district court judges has beenincreased by the legislature. The scale shall then be sent to the localgovernmental unit responsible for setting the salary of the judge.

(3) Upon request of a Justice Court judge, areevaluation of the salary recommendation may be made,based upon a change in his or her workload. No recommendation shall be made,however, which reduces the judge's salary during a term of office.