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Rule 9-101. Board of Justice Court Judges.



To prescribe the membership,method of selection, term of office and basic procedures of the Board.



This rule shall apply to theBoard of Justice Court Judges.


Statement of the Rule:

(1) There is hereby established a Board of Justice Court Judgescomprised of the chair, six at-large members, and the three Councilrepresentatives.


(2) Members of the Board shall be elected by the justice courtjudges in connection with the justice court business meeting at the annualjudicial conference. For all elections contemplated by this rule, judges mayvote in person or remotely. 


(3) The chair and the at-large members shall serve staggered twoyear terms. The Council representatives shall serve during the length of theirterm as Council representatives.


(4) The chair shall preside over all meetings of the Board andover the Justice Court judges' training conferences. The chair may notsimultaneously serve as a Council representative.


(5) Members of the Board shall elect a vice-chair and an educationliaison. The vice-chair shall serve as chair in the absence of the chair orupon request of the chair. Neither the vice-chair nor the education liaison maysimultaneously serve as a Council representative.


(6) There shall be an Executive Committee comprised of the chair,vice-chair and one of the Council representatives designated by the chair. TheExecutive Committee may take necessary action on behalf of the Board betweenBoard meetings.


(7) If vacancies occur for any reason on the Board betweenelections, the Board shall elect a replacement for the unexpired term of thevacancy.


(8) Should the chair resign or leave the Board for any reason, thevice-chair shall become chair for the remainder of the term.


(9) Should the vice-chair of the Board resign or leave the Boardfor any reason, a new vice-chair shall be elected by the Board from among itsmembers to serve the unexpired term of the vice-chair.


(10) If a vacancy occurs for any reason among the representativesto the Council, the Board shall designate an interim representative to serveuntil the next annual training conference, at which time a representative shallbe elected to fill the unexpired term.


(11) The Board shall meet at least quarterly to transact any andall business that is within its jurisdiction. The Board shall rule by majorityvote. All members, except the three Council representatives, are votingmembers. Four voting members of the Board constitute a quorum. Board meetings shallbe conducted generally in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.


(12) All business conducted by the Board shall be conducted inaccordance with this Code.


(13) The Board shall be responsible for certifying new justicecourts and recertifying existing justice courts to the Judicial Council asoutlined in Rule 9-108.


Effective August21, 2020