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Rule 7-307. Use of money in therestitution fund.


To establish a uniform procedure governing the use of funds paid to therehabilitation employment program for delinquent minors.


This rule shall apply to disbursement of funds from the JuvenileCourt's rehabilitation employment program fund.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) The primary purpose of the fund is to compensate victims for lossesincurred as a result of juvenile delinquency where the youth has no other meansto pay restitution. The secondary purpose of the fund is to help delinquentyouths meet their restitution obligations by giving them an opportunity to workin public service.

(2) No less than 80% of the estimated average annual amount of the fundin each judicial district is to be paid directly to victims as compensation fortheir loss.

(3) Up to 20% of the fund may be used to pay for non-victimcompensation activities such as necessary insurance coverage, supervisors,equipment and transportation for compensatory service activities. Expendituresmade from the fund for functions other than direct victim compensation shall beapproved by the Juvenile Court Administrator for any amount of two hundred andfifty dollars or more. Court Executives may authorize payments for any amountless than two hundred and fifty dollars.

(4) Employers from the private sector may be subsidized from the fundto encourage their employment of youths in the program as long as at least twodollars is returned to a victim for every one dollar of job subsidy theemployer receives.

(5) Funds may be transferred between counties within each judicialdistrict as required. The Court Executive shall recommend the amount to betransferred and with the approval of the judge or presiding judge in thedistrict such transfers may be made. Written documentation of each transfer,including the reason for the transfer, shall be prepared by the Court Executiveand maintained in a special file for auditing purposes.