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Rule7-305. Reviews.


To establish theprocedures for scheduling review hearings.

To establish the requirements forpreparation of intervention plans and progress reports.

To establish the procedure for submission ofintervention plans and progress reports prior to review hearings.


This rule shall apply to the JuvenileCourt's probation department and other agencies which submit reports to thecourt.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) Scheduling review hearings.

(1)(A) Review hearings shall be scheduledeither upon motion or according to the provisions of this rule.

(1)(B) Review hearings which have beenrequested by motion shall be scheduled and conducted according to the Rules ofJuvenile Court Procedure.

(1)(C) Any individual, agency, orinstitution vested with temporary legal custody or guardianship must make amotion for a review hearing at the expiration of 18 months from the date of theplacement order.

(1)(D) All cases which require periodicreview hearings under Utah statutes shall be scheduled for court review notless than once every six months from the date of disposition.

(1)(E) A regular review calendar may be setby the court to facilitate appearances by child placement agencies.

(2) Intervention plans.

(2)(A) In all cases where the dispositionorder places temporary legal custody or guardianship of the youth with anindividual, agency, or institution, a proposed intervention plan shall besubmitted by the probation department when probation has been ordered; by theagency having custody or guardianship; or by the agency providing protectivesupervision, within 30 days following the date of disposition. Thisintervention plan shall be updated whenever a substantial change in conditionsor circumstances arise.

(2)(B) In cases where both parents have beenpermanently deprived of parental rights, the intervention plan shall identifyefforts made by the child placing agency to secure the adoption of the youthand subsequent review hearings held until the youth has been adopted orpermanently placed.

(3) Progress reports.

(3)(A) A written progress report relating tothe intervention plan shall be submitted to the court by the agency whichprepared the intervention plan at least two working days prior to the reviewhearing date.

(3)(B) The progress report shall contain thefollowing:

(3)(B)(i) A reviewof the original conditions which invoked the court's jurisdiction.

(3)(B)(ii) Any significant changes in theseconditions.

(3)(B)(iii) The number and types of contactsmade with each family member or other person related to the case.

(3)(B)(iv) Astatement of progress toward resolving the problems identified in theintervention plan.

(3)(B)(v) A report on the family'scooperation in resolving the problems.

(3)(B)(vi) Arecommendation for further order by the court.