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Rule 7-302.? Courtreports prepared for delinquency cases.


Todevelop minimum standards for court reports to the Juvenile Court.


This rule shall applyto all court reports prepared for delinquency cases in the Juvenile Courts.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) ?Court report. The probation departmentor other agency designated by the court shall prepare a court report in writingin all cases in which a petition has been filed.

(2)? Any matter. The court can direct the probationdepartment to prepare a court report on any matter referred to the court.

(3)? Report contents. The contents of the courtreport shall include the following:

(3)(A)? a summary of:

(3)(A)(i)??? ?the circumstancessurrounding the matter before the court;

(3)(A)(ii) ???the minor's prior referral history, including prior actions taken by theprobation department;

(3)(A)(iii)? ?any contacts and history the family has had with other agencies;

(3)(A)(iv)?? the victim impactstatement;

(3)(A)(v)??? responses to the minor?scompliant and non-compliant behavior;

(3)(A)(vi)? ?the minor's academic performance and behavior in school and a statement ofthe minor's employment history if applicable;

(3)(A)(vii)?? any physical or emotionalproblems the minor may have that could affect behavior;

(3)(A)(viii)? the minor?s substance usehistory; and

(3)(A)(ix)??? the strengths andweaknesses of the minor as perceived by the ??minor and the parents or guardian(s);

?(3)(B)? the minor?s risk levelas indicated by a validated risk and needs assessment, as well as a list ofrisk and protective factors;

(3)(C)? recommendations specificto the minor?s risk level that consider restorative justice principles andevidence-based best practices;

(3)(D)??? an acknowledgment that probation considered the JuvenileDisposition Guidelines and if there is a deviation from the statutorypresumption or an increase in the level of supervision, the specific factorssupporting the deviation; and

(3)(E)? any other relevant information.

(4)? Verification. All information contained in thecourt report should be verified whenever possible. Individuals providinginformation for the report should be identified and any opinions or unverifiedinformation should be identified as such.

(5)? Social information. No social informationshall be gathered on a minor if the minor denies the allegations during thepreliminary inquiry unless the minor and parent/guardian or custodiangive their written consent for the information to be gathered. No socialinformation shall be provided to the court before the minor's case isadjudicated.

(6) Filing. Once the court report is prepared, it shall be electronically filed inthe minor?s file.


Effective November 1, 2021