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7-202Rule 7-202. Police access to computerized juvenile records.


To establish the authority of all law enforcement agencies in Utah to access the computerized juvenile information system and to create police deferral histories through their state linked computer terminals.


This rule shall apply to all Juvenile Court records and their use by law enforcement agencies, and to the creation of police deferral histories utilizing the computerized juvenile information system.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) All law enforcement agencies are authorized direct access to a juvenile's computerized rap sheet through their local computer terminals connected to the State Computer Center for the following purposes:

(A) As part of the arrest process.

(B) As part of an official investigation by a law enforcement agency.

(2) Law enforcement agencies may create a deferral history on an arrested minor through the use of the computerized juvenile information system.

(3) Law enforcement agencies are not authorized to:

(A) Print out a hard copy of the record displayed on the screen.

(B) Access records for any purpose not expressly authorized by this rule.