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Rule 6-102.? Electionof District Court judges to the Judicial Council.


To establisha procedure for the election of District Court judges to the Judicial Councilas provided in this Code.


This ruleshall apply to the election process of the District Court judges to theJudicial Council.

Statement of the Rule:

(1)       TheDistrict Court has six representatives on the Council. These representativesshall serve staggered three-year terms with two District Court judges being elected to the Council each year.

(2)       Districtcourt positions on the Judicial Council shall be as follows:

(2)(A)       onefrom the Second Judicial District;

(2)(B)       twofrom the Third Judicial District;

(2)(C)       onefrom the Fourth Judicial District;

(2)(D)       onefrom the First or Fifth District; and

(2)(E)       one from the Sixth, Seventh, or Eighth Judicial District.

(3)       Theelection rotation shall be as follows:

(3)(A)       yearone: Third Judicial District and Sixth, Seventh, or Eighth Judicial District;

(3)(B)       yeartwo: Second Judicial District and First or Fifth Judicial District; and

(3)(C)       year three: Third Judicial District and Fourth JudicialDistrict.

(4)       Timingof elections, and the process for filling vacancies, shall beconducted pursuant to Rule 1-201. Nominations must come from a sittingDistrict Court judge in the district or districts where the vacancy exists. Votingshall be by all District Court judges present at the annual business meeting.Those present at the business meeting will constitute a quorum.

Effective June 22, 2020