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Rule 6-101. The Board of District Court Judges.


To establish the Board ofDistrict Court Judges.

Toprescribe the composition of the Board's membership, the method of selecting Boardmembers and officers, and the members' terms of office.

Toestablish the procedure of the Board in the conduct of Board meetings.


This rule shall apply to theBoard of District Court Judges.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) There is hereby establisheda Board of District Court Judges.

(2) Members of the Boardshall be elected by the district court judges present at the district courtbusiness meeting at the annual judicial conference. The judges present at thismeeting shall constitute a quorum. Nominations may be made only by districtcourt judges, and must come from the judicial district or districts in whichthe vacancy exists.

(3) The Board shall consistof the following eleven positions:

(3)(A) one from theFirst Judicial District;

(3)(B) two from theSecond Judicial District;

(3)(C) three from theThird Judicial District;

(3)(D) two from theFourth Judicial District;

(3)(E) one from the FifthJudicial District; and

(3)(F) two from the Sixth,Seventh, or Eighth Judicial Districts.

(4) Members of the Boardshall serve staggered three-year terms or until a Board member is replaced orresigns.

(5) There shall be a Chairand Vice Chair of the Board selected from among the Board. The Vice Chair shallbe elected by the Board members and shall be in the first or second year of athree-year term. The Vice Chair shall serve as Chair in the absence of theChair or at the request of the Chair.

(6) The Vice Chair shallbecome Chair of the Board during the second or third year of a three-year term.The Chair shall preside over all meetings of the Board and over the annualdistrict court business meeting.

(7) If a vacancy occurs forany reason between annual district court business meetings, the Board shallelect a replacement for the unexpired term of the vacancy. The Board shalladhere to the district makeup of the Board in this selection.

(8) Should the Chair of theBoard resign or leave the Board for any reason, the Vice Chair shall becomeChair, serving both the unexpired term of the Chair and full term as Chair.

(9) In the event that theVice Chair of the Board resigns or leaves the Board for any reason, a new ViceChair shall be selected by the Board from among its members to serve theunexpired term of the Vice Chair.

(10) The Board shall meet a minimumof once every two months to transact any and all business that is within itsjurisdiction.

(11) The Board shall act bymajority vote. All members of the Board have the right to vote. Six members ofthe Board constitute a quorum.

(12) When a Board member isunable to attend a Board meeting, that member may designate a district judge,from the same district or districts represented by the absent member, to attendthe meeting on behalf of the absent member. The substitute judge shall beprovided with a copy of the agenda and other meeting materials, may attend theopen and closed sessions of the meeting, and may participate in the discussionof agenda items. However, the substitute judge may not make motions or vote onBoard issues.

(13) Board meetings shall beconducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.

(14) All business conductedby the Board shall be conducted in accordance with this Code.



Effective May 1,2019 pursuant to CJARule 2-205