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Rule 5-203. Transcript format.


To establish a uniform transcriptformat as required by the Utah Code.


This rule shall apply to alltranscripts of a court proceeding.

Statement of the Rule:

A transcript of proceedings inUtah courts shall be formatted as follows:

(1) Paper size: 8 ? inches x 11inches.

(2) Paper weight: At least 13pounds for original and copies.

(3) The transcript shall consistof the title page, index pages, transcript pages and certificate pages.

(4) Lines of text on transcriptpages shall be double spaced and numbered.

(5) All pages shall be numberedat the bottom right corner of the page.

(6) Each transcript shall contain25 lines of text except the final transcript page, which may contain fewerlines.

(7) Each line of text shallcontain 63 characters or columns, filled or unfilled.

(8) Text shall be 12-point plainfont text except for words normally italicized or underlined.

(9) Indentations shall be asfollows:

(9)(A) "Q" and"A" designations. All "Q" and "A" designationsshall begin at the fifth column. A period following the "Q" and"A" designation is optional. The statement following the"Q" or "A" designation shall begin at the tenth column.Subsequent lines shall begin at the left margin.

(9)(B) Colloquy. Speakeridentification shall begin at the tenth column followed directly by a colon.The statement shall begin on the third column after the colon. Subsequent linesshall begin at the left margin.

(9)(C) Quotations. Quotedmaterial shall begin at the tenth column, with additional quoted linesbeginning at the tenth column, with appropriate quotation marks used.

(9)(D) Parentheses. Parentheticalnotations shall begin with an open parenthesis at the tenth column with theremark beginning on the eleventh column. Parentheses are used for customarystatements such as recesses, adjournments and admission of exhibits. Subsequentlines contained in parenthetical notations shall begin at the tenth column.