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Article1. General.

Rule5-101. The Board of Appellate Court Judges.


To establish the Board of AppellateCourt Judges.

To establish the procedure of the Boardin the conduct of Board meetings.


This rule shall apply to the Board of Appellate CourtJudges.

Statementof the Rule:

(1) There is established a Board of Appellate CourtJudges.

(2) Members of the Board shall be the members of theCourt of Appeals and the members of the Supreme Court

(3) The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and thePresiding Judge of the Court of Appeals shall alternate as the Chair and ViceChair of the Board and shall alternate presiding over the meetings of theBoard.

(4) The Board shall meet a minimum of three times a yearto transact any business that is within its jurisdiction.

(5) The Board shall act by majority vote.? All members of theBoard have the right to vote.?A quorum from both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals isrequired for a Board meeting.?A quorum for the Supreme Court is at least three members and aquorum for the Court of Appeals is at least four members.

(6) Board meetings shall be conductedin accordance with Robert?s Rules of Order and are not open and publicmeetings.


Effective December 16, 2019