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4-9084-908. Committee on Children and Family Law.


To establish the responsibilities of the committee.


The rule shall apply the committee.

Statement of the Rule:

The Committee on Children and Family Law shall:

(1) discuss problems in the administration of justice in family law,such as programmatic and geographic voids in services, procedural reforms,and the unmet legal needs of children and families;

(2) develop and recommend solutions, including rules and statutes, tothose problems, excluding structural reorganization of the courts;

(3) supervise and assist in implementing solutions;

(4) provide a forum for debate on political and policy issues facingpublic and private institutions in their effort to deliver services tochildren and families;

(5) develop and recommend a model and role for community-based councilson children and family law and a model for their relationship to the standingcommittee; and

(6) supervise and assist in establishing community-based councils.