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Rule 4-510.02. Responsibilitiesof the Director and Administrative Office of the Courts.


To establish the responsibilities of the Director and theAdministrative Office of the Courts to implement the ADR Program.


This rule applies to the Director and the AOC.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) The Director shall:

(1)(A) have general responsibility for the administration of the ADRprogram;

(1)(B) annually prepare and submit the report required by the UtahCode;

(1)(C) establish and maintain the roster on the court?s web site;

(1)(D) prepare model forms for use by the courts, counsel and partiesunder these rules, and provide copies of the forms upon request; and

(1)(E) establish procedures for the review and evaluation of the ADRprogram and the performance of ADR providers.

(2) The Administrative Office shall establish or qualify programs forthe education and training of ADR providers, attorneys, and judges in theapplicable judicial districts of this State as to the purposes and operationof, and the rules governing, the ADR program.