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Rule4-202.10. Record sharing.


To establish theauthority and limits of sharing non-public records with governmental entities.


This rule applies to non-public courtrecords.

Statement of the Rule:

The court may share court records classifiedas other than public as provided in the Government Records Access andManagement Act. The court may share records classified as other than publicwith the Judicial Conduct Commission if the Commission certifies in writingthat:

(1) the record isnecessary for investigating a complaint;

(2) the need forthe record outweighs the interests protected by closure;

(3) the Commission will take the stepsnecessary to protect the interests favoring closure if the record is sent tothe Supreme Court as part of the review of the Commission?s order; and

(4) the Commissionwill restrict access to the record to the same degree as the court.