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Rule 4-201. Record of proceedings.


To establish the means ofmaintaining the record of court proceedings in all courts of record.

To permit a party to have a courtproceeding reported by a certified court reporter if permitted by the court.

To permit a certified courtreporter to prepare an official transcript if permitted by the court.


This rule shall apply to allcourts of record.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) Verbatim record of courtproceedings.

(1)(A) A video or audio recordingsystem shall maintain the verbatim record of all court proceedings.

(1)(B) If requested by the court,a certified court reporter licensed in Utah shall maintain a verbatim record inall trial court proceedings in capital felonies.

(1)(C) If approved by the court,a party may arrange for a certified court reporter licensed in Utah to maintaina verbatim record of a court proceeding.

(1)(D) A certified court reporterlicensed in Utah may maintain a verbatim record of a court proceeding if anaudio or video recording system is unavailable.

(1)(E) The administrative officeof the courts shall periodically study the state of the art of electronicrecording technology and technology employed in computer integrated courtroomsand make recommendations to the Judicial Council of systems to be approved.

(2) Record security. The administrativeoffice of the courts shall maintain digital files, backup files and archivefiles. The clerk of the court shall maintain the official transcript.

(3) Official transcripts.

(3)(A) A transcript prepared andfiled by a certified court reporter from the reporter?s notes is an officialtranscript. The court reporter must agree to comply with statutes and rulesapplicable to transcripts of court proceedings. Records filed by the courtreporter with the court are the property of the court.

(3)(B) A transcript of a video oraudio recording of a court proceeding prepared and filed by an official courttranscriber in accordance with the procedures established in Utah Rule ofAppellate Procedure 12 is an official transcript.

(3)(C) An official transcript canbe used in any trial court or appellate court proceeding.

(3)(D) A request for an officialtranscript for an appeal is governed by Utah Rules of Appellate Procedure 11and 12. A request for an official transcript for other court proceedings isgoverned by Rule of Appellate Procedure 12.