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Rule 4-110. Transfer of juvenile cases fromdistrict and justice courts to the juvenile court.


To establishcriteria and procedures for transferring juvenile cases from the district andjustice courts to the juvenile court.


This rule appliesto juvenile, district and justice courts.

Statement ofthe Rule:

(1) The justicecourt may transfer a criminal matter in which the defendant is a minor to thejuvenile court under Section 78A-7-106.

(2) Thedistrict court may transfer a traffic matter in which the defendant is a minorto the juvenile court for post-judgment proceedings if:

(2)(A) the casehas been adjudicated, either by the entry of a guilty plea or by a trial on themerits; and ;

(2)(B) there isan outstanding fine or restitution obligation or a compensatory service order;and

(2)(C)reasonable collection efforts have been made, including the issuance of anorder to show cause or bench warrant; and

(2)(D) an orderhas been issued to the State Driver's License Division suspending the minor?sdriver's license; and

(2)(E) theminor is in contempt of court.

(3) Finerevenue generated by the juvenile court in cases transferred for post-judgmentproceedings is state revenue.

(4) Casestransferred from the district or justice court shall be accompanied by an orderof transfer and a mailing certificate verifying that a copy of the order wasmailed to the minor and, where available, to the minor?s parent, guardian orcustodian.