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Rule 3-410. Automated information resourcemanagement.


To developuniform rules for the management of data processing activities at all courtlevels.

To ensure thecoordination of hardware and software acquisition and system development.

To define therelationship between the Administrative Office and individual courts withrespect to data processing support.

To provideguidelines to local courts developing their own systems.

To establishinformation standards for the courts and other related agencies.

To establishpriorities for developmental efforts in court automation.


This rule shallapply to all courts.

Statement ofthe Rule:

(1) The dataprocessing policy governing courts shall be established under the direction ofthe Council through its Technology Committee.

(2) A centraldata processing staff person shall be available from the Administrative Officeto serve the courts. The staff person shall follow priorities established bythe Committee and shall be directed in developmental efforts by court systemuser groups established by the Committee. Staff will also seek the guidance ofcourt executives and Boards of Judges with regard to court operations needingautomation and to identify data processing requirements of the various courts.

(3) TheAdministrative Office shall coordinate the acquisition of compatible computerhardware and software in all courts of record. The superannuation of equipmentshall be coordinated with the needs of other court locations; and major changesin equipment use will be approved by the Council through its Committee.

(4) The courtwill define the parameters of system development and operation as budgetsallow. The court will supervise operation and developmental support staff andcontractors assigned to the project. Control and ownership of softwaredeveloped for court use is the property of the court.

(5) TheAdministrative Office will prepare standard data descriptions and edits,logical file structures, and communications procedures and protocols forapproval by the Committee. These standards shall be developed in conjunctionwith other related state and local agencies, and shall ensure that courts andcourt-related governmental entities can share information in a cost-effectivemanner.

(6) TheCommittee will establish plans and priorities for data processing developmentalefforts on a periodic basis. These plans and priorities shall be reviewed bythe Council and upon acceptance by the Council included in the Annual Plan.Prior to submitting the plans and priorities to the Council, the Committeeshall receive input from the following:

(6)(A) theJudicial Council;

(6)(B) theBoards of Judges;

(6)(C) courtsusers and Steering Committees;

(6)(D) courtexecutives;

(6)(E) localgovernment officials.