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Rule 3-408. Inventory.


To comply with Division of Finance regulation of fixed assets.

To secure property other than fixed assets.


This rule shall apply to the administrative office of the courts andall courts of record.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) Fixed assets.

(1)(A) Within their respective courts, court executives shall maintainan inventory of fixed assets with an original purchase price of $5,000 or moreother than computer and recording equipment. The court executive shall annuallysubmit the inventory to the director of Management Services no later than April30.

(1)(B) The director of Management Services shall maintain an inventoryof fixed assets of the administrative office and all computer and recordingequipment, regardless of location, with an original purchase price of $5,000 ormore.

(1)(C) The director of Management Services shall report the inventoryof fixed assets of $5,000 or more to the Division o f Finance as required bylaw.

(2) Inventory procedures. The director of Management Services shall:

(2)(A) develop procedures for implementing this rule; and

(2)(B) develop a form for recording the following information for eachfixed asset or other property:

(3)(B)(i) a brief description, including aserial number if any;

(2)(B)(ii) actual or estimated date of purchase;

(2)(B)(iii) actual or estimated purchase price; and

(2)(B)(iv) the disposition of the item.