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3-405Rule 3-405. Contract management.


To provide for efficiency, accuracy, precision, and accountability in the administration of contracts specified by this rule.


This rule applies to state funded courts.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) Applicability. The following contracts shall conform to the provisions of this rule:

(A) contracts for the lease or purchase of real property or of improvements to real property, including the lease of facilities from local governments;

(B) contracts for the maintenance of real property or improvements to real property purchased or leased by the judiciary;

(C) contracts for the reimbursement of local governments for secondary court sites;

(D) contracts for professional or technical services; and

(E) contracts with the guardian(s) ad litem of juveniles;

(2) Contracts specified in this rule shall be in writing and shall be maintained in the administrative office.

(3) Negotiations for contracts governed by this rule are to be conducted jointly by the director of support services and the person(s) supervising the program(s) affected by the contract. The director of support services shall notify General Counsel of the negotiations. Other individuals may be included in the negotiations as needed.

(4) Prior to the execution of any contract governed by this rule, General Counsel shall review the proposed contract as to form and legal sufficiency, and the director of finance shall approve the contract as to availability of funds.

(5) The administrative office shall develop procedures to implement this rule. The procedures shall ensure that contracts are awarded in accordance with the procurement code.

(6) Court executives shall be responsible for contracting activities as set forth in the administrative regulations adopted pursuant to this rule.