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Rule 3-404. Public information program.


To establish a public informationprogram within the Administrative Office.

To identify the AdministrativeOffice as primarily responsible for the administration and management of thepublic information program.

To establish criteria governingthe type of public information services which shall be provided to thejudiciary, the media and the public.


This rule shall apply to thejudiciary.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) A public information programis established within and administered by the Administrative Office. The goalof the public information program is to establish strategies which promote thejudiciary's missions, goals and activities in a manner which reflects apositive image of the courts.

(2) The public informationprogram shall include:

(2)(a) the development andmaintenance of internal communication within the judiciary;

(2)(b) the development andmaintenance of external communications and media relations;

(2)(c) the development ofprotocol for and providing assistance to judges, staff and the media inhigh-profile cases;

(2)(d) the development andmaintenance of public education programs; and

(2)(e) the publication of reportson the operations of the courts including financial and statistical data,recommendations for legislative or administrative action and a general reviewof the activities of the judiciary.