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Rule 3-202. Court referees prohibited.


To prohibitcourts from establishing the position of court referee.


This ruleapplies to all trial courts.

Statement ofthe Rule:

(1) Definition.Court referee means any person, other than:

(1)(A) a judgeappointed under Article VIII of the Utah Constitution;

(1)(B) a seniorjudge appointed under Rule 11-201 or Rule 11-203;

(1)(C) a judgepro tempore appointed under Rule 11-202;

(1)(D) a courtcommissioner appointed under Rule 3-201;

(1)(E) a masterappointed under Rule of Civil Procedure 53;

(1)(F) a clerkof court acting under Rule 4-704; or

(1)(G) ajuvenile court probation officer acting under Section 78A-6-602or Rule 7-301

by any title, including but notlimited to court referee, traffic referee, hearing officer, or adjuster whoresolves or recommends resolution of any case.

(2) Courtreferees prohibited. Court referees are prohibited.