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Rule 3-117. Committee onCourt Forms


To establish a committee to determine the need for forms and to createforms for use by litigants in all court levels.


This rule shall apply to the judiciary.

Statement of the Rule:

(1)   The committee shallconduct a comprehensive review of the need for court forms to assist partiesand practitioners in all court levels.

(2)   The committee shallcreate forms as it deems necessary for use by parties and practitioners,including forms for the Online Court Assistance Program.

(3)   Process for formcreation.

(3)(a) The committee shall adopt procedures for creating new formsor making substantive amendments to existing forms, procedures for eliminatingobsolete and outdated forms, procedures for recommending which forms should betranslated into other languages, and procedures for expediting technical ornon-substantive amendments to forms.

(3)(b) Forms should be written in plain language and reference thestatutes and rules to which the forms apply.

(3)(c) The committee shall solicit input from other interestedgroups as it deems appropriate. The committee may establish subcommittees usingnon-committee members to facilitate its work.

(3)(d) The committee may recommend to the Judicial Councilmandatory use of particular forms.?However the Judicial Council?s designation of a form as mandatory is notbinding on a decision-maker asked to review the legal correctness of the form.

(3)(e) The Office of General Counsel shall staff the committee andshall review all forms for legal correctness before final approval by thecommittee.

(4)   The State Law Librarianshall be responsible for maintaining and archiving the forms.


Effective May 22, 2017