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Rule 3-116. Pretrial Release and Supervision Committee.


To study and make recommendationsto the Judicial Council concerning pretrial release and supervision practices.


This rule shall apply to thejudiciary.

Statement of the Rule:

The committee shall study pretrialrelease and supervision practices, and make regular reports and recommendationsconcerning those practices to the Judicial Council.

(1)  Duties of the committee. Thecommittee shall: ?

(1)(A) workto implement the recommendations of the Report to the Utah Judicial Council onPretrial Release and Supervision Practices;

(1)(B) studyand make recommendations regarding pretrial release and supervision generally,including the following:

?(1)(B)(i) studyingcurrent pretrial release and supervision practices, the efficacy of suchpractices, and making recommendations for changes to those practices asnecessary;

(1)(B)(ii) developingand recommending written guidelines to the Judicial Council to be used forsetting financial and non-financial conditions of pretrial release;

(1)(B)(iii) assistingand advising counties on implementing a statewide pretrial risk assessment tooland developing procedures for distributing the assessment results to judges;

(1)(B)(iv) assistingand advising counties to develop pretrial supervision programs;

(1)(B)(v) determining whatpretrial release and supervision data are necessary to accurately assesspretrial release and supervision practices, and making recommendations on how pretrialrelease and supervision data collection practices can be improved including whichorganizations should collect the data and how it should be collected;

(1)(B)(vi) recommendingtraining for judges, lawyers, and other stakeholders on pretrial release andsupervision practices;

(1)(B)(vii) recommending,if necessary, appropriate statutory and rule changes; and

(1)(B)(viii) providingongoing monitoring and assessment of Utah?s pretrial release and supervisionpractices; and?

(1)(C) onan annual basis, the committee shall report its progress to the JudicialCouncil.