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Rule 3-115

Rule 3-115. Committee on resources for self-represented parties.

Intent: To establish a committee to study and make policy recommendations to the Judicial Council concerning the needs of self-represented parties.

Applicability: This rule shall apply to the judiciary.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) The committee shall study the needs of self-represented parties within the Utah State Courts, and propose policy recommendations concerning those needs to the Judicial Council.

(2) Duties of the committee. The committee shall:

(2)(A) provide leadership to identify the needs of self-represented parties and to secure and coordinate resources to meet those needs;

(2)(B) assess available services and forms for self-represented parties and gaps in those services and forms;

(2)(C) ensure that court programs for self-represented litigants are integrated into statewide and community planning for legal services to low-income and middle-income individuals;

(2)(D) recommend measures to the Judicial Council, the State Bar and other appropriate institutions for improving how the legal system serves self-represented parties; and

(2)(E) develop an action plan for the management of cases involving self-represented parties.