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Rule 3-114. Judicialoutreach.


To improve publictrust and confidence in the judiciary.

To foster a greaterrole for judges in service to the community.

To provideleadership and resources for outreach.


This rule shall apply to all membersof the judiciary.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) The Committee on Judicial Outreachshall:

(1)(A) createand promote model outreach programs that take into account existing curricula;

(1)(B) promotelocal outreach programs;

(1)(C) proposeand implement policies and rules that encourage judicial participation inoutreach programs;

(1)(D) workwith educators to enhance civic education in school curricula;

(1)(E) workwith the Utah State Bar to develop joint outreach programs; and

(1)(F) communicatejudicial outreach efforts.

(2) Consistent with the Code ofJudicial Conduct and to increase public understanding of the administration ofjustice, the judiciary is encouraged to:

(2)(A) educatecivic, educational, business, charitable, media and other groups about thecourt system and judicial process; and

(2)(B) takean active part in the community where the participation of the judiciary willserve to increase public understanding and promote public confidence in theintegrity of the court system.


Effectivedate: May 1, 2016