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Rule 3-113. Senior judges.


To establish the responsibility to provide for support servicesfor active senior judges.

To provide for the compensation of active senior judges.



This rule shall apply to judicial employees and to senior judgesand active senior judges of courts of record.


Statement of the Rule:

(1) Support services.

(1)(A) ? The court executive of the court in which anactive senior judge is serving shall make available services as would normallybe needed in the performance of a judge's official duties.

(1)(B) ? The court executive of the court in which anactive senior judge is serving shall execute the necessary notice ofappointment for the case or matters to which the judge has been assigned. Theorder of assignment shall include the district the judge will serve, the courtlocation, the assignment for which service is needed, and the signature anddate of the presiding judge or the presiding judge?s designee. The order shallbe sent to the state court administrator or designee.

(1)(C) ? The court executive of the district in whichan active senior judge serves shall provide the following assistance as needed:

(i) ?administrative services;

(ii) mail services;

(iii) files and court documents;

(iv) travel arrangements; and

(v) preparation of reimbursement vouchers.

(2) Compensation. Active senior judges shall be compensated at therate and for the services and duties as set forth herein.

(2)(A) ? Compensation for the performance of judicialduties related to the assignment of cases , service on a grand jury panel, orthe mentoring of a new judge shall be at an hourly rate equal to the hourlyrate of a district judge, and shall be paid in half-day increments.

(2)(B) ? Compensation for all other duties, such asattendance at Board meetings, committee meetings, and educational functionsrequired by this Code shall be paid at the rate of $50.00 per half day (1-4hours) and $100.00 per full day (over 4 hours).

(2)(C) ? For travel required in the performance ofjudicial duties related to assigned cases, senior judgesshall be compensated for travel time in excess of one and one-half hours roundtrip at the hourly rate of a district judge, and for expenses, e.g., per diem,mileage, and lodging, at the rates allowed for state employees. Active seniorjudges are required, as court employees, to complete the Defensive DriverTraining every two years.?

(2)(D) ? For travel required in the performance ofjudicial duties not related to an assigned case, senior judges shall becompensated for round-trip travel time as follows:

0 - 1.5hours No payment

1.5 - 5.5hours $25.00

More than5.5 hours $50.00

and forexpenses, e.g., per diem, mileage, and lodging, at the rates allowed for stateemployees. Because senior judges do not have access to state vehicles, mileageshall be paid at the higher rate for state employees.

(2)(E) ? Except for the incentive benefit in Rule3-501, compensation shall not include any form of benefits, i.e., stateretirement contributions, medical or life insurance premiums, etc.


EffectiveJune 28, 2021