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Rule 2-207

Rule2-207. Annual rulemaking and periodic review of the Code.


To establish an annual schedule for the study, review andadoption of Council and Board rules.

To assure the timely periodic review of Council policies forcontinued applicability.


This rule shall apply to the judiciary.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) Annual rulemaking procedure.

(A) At least once a year, the Council shall publish rules forcomment under Rule 2-203.

(B) The Boards of Judges, the standing and ad hoc Committeesof the Council or any other interested individual may submit a written requestto the Council, through the office of General Counsel, requesting the adoption,modification or repeal of a Council rule. The request shall set forth theproposed rule or amendment or the text of the rule proposed for repeal and shallspecify the need for and anticipated effect of the proposal.

(2) Periodic review of the Code.

(A) The Policy and Planning Committee shall adopt a schedulewhich ensures that the rules contained in this Code are reviewed on a periodicbasis but a minimum of once every five years.

(B) Review of the Code shall be for the purpose ofdetermining the continuing viability, utility and practicality of the rules.

(C) Rules which are outdated or inconsistent with otherrules, legislation or preferred practice shall be modified, amended or repealed.