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2-201Rule 2-201. Purpose of rules and resolutions.


To provide guidelines for the adoption of rules and resolutions which will identify the scope of the Council's authority for the administration of the judiciary.


This rule shall apply to all rules and resolutions considered or adopted by the Council.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) To achieve the objectives defined in this Code, the Council may establish policy by adopting rules governing any administrative function of the judiciary.

(2) The Council may adopt resolutions for any of the following purposes:

(A) to create an ad hoc committee;

(B) to express appreciation for the extraordinary efforts of any individual or group;

(C) to express condolences to those persons surviving the death of any person;

(D) to endorse or oppose legislation;

(E) to endorse or oppose the findings or recommendations of task forces, committees, or other groups concerning topical matters of interest to the judiciary; or

(F) any other purpose of the Council not requiring a rule.