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Rule15-716. License fees; enrollment fees; oath and admission.

(a)Court enrollment fees and Bar license fee. After notification that the Boardhas approved the Applicant for licensure, the Applicantmust pay to the Bar the applicable Bar license fee.

(b)Motion for licensure and enrollment. Upon satisfaction of the requirements ofRule 15-716(a), the Board will submit motions to the Supreme Court forlicensure certifying that the Applicants have satisfied all qualifications andrequirements for licensure as a Paralegal Practitioner. The Board will submit twomotions for licensure per year. After the motions are submitted and uponapproval by the Supreme Court and upon taking the required oath, an Applicantis eligible to be licensed as a Paralegal Practitioner.

(c)Oath and certificate of licensure. Every Applicant must take an oath. The oathmust be administered by the clerk of the Supreme Court or a Utah state judge ofdistrict or juvenile court level or higher.

(d)Time limit for licensure. An Applicant must resolve all applicationdeficiencies and gain character and fitness approval within one year of filingthe application or the application is closed. After receiving notice ofcharacter and fitness approval, an Applicant must pay the prescribed licenseand enrollment fees and take the oath as required by Rule 15-716(c) within sixmonths or approval for licensure is automatically withdrawn.


Effective November 1, 2018