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Rule15-710. Administration of the paralegal practitioner examination(s).

(a)   Paralegal Practitioner Examination(s).The Paralegal Practitioner Examination(s) consists of a multiple choice sectionon substantive law and a practical application specific to the area(s) ofpractice selected by the applicant. Areas of practice include (1) temporary separation, divorce, parentage, cohabitantabuse, civil stalking, and custody and support; (2) forcible entry and detainerand unlawful detainer; or; (3) debt collection.

(b)  All components of the ParalegalPractitioner Examination(s) for an area of practice must be taken in the sameexamination administration.

(c)   The Paralegal PractitionerExamination(s) are administered only for the purpose of licensure as aParalegal Practitioner.


Effective November 1, 2018