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Rule 15-707. Application:deadlines, withdrawals, postponements, and fees.

(a) Form. Each Applicant must submit a Complete Application forlicensure in accordance with the instructions prescribed by the Bar. Suchapplication must include an authorization and release enabling the Bar toobtain information concerning the Applicant.

(b) Filing deadlines generally. Except as otherwise provided herein,the Bar must receive Complete Applications by October 1 preceding theFebruary/March LPP Examinations and by March 1 preceding the July/August LPPExaminations. A Complete Application will be accepted up to 15 calendar daysafter the filing deadline if accompanied by the prescribed 15-day late fee. Inaccordance with the filing instructions and information for the application,late or incomplete applications will not be accepted with the followingexceptions:

(1) An Applicant who has not received the criminal backgroundreport may submit the application without a criminal background report providedthe Applicant provides proof that a criminal background request has been filedprior to submission of the application. Sufficient proof of submission of thecriminal background request must be by declaration in the form prescribed bythe Bar. In order for the Applicant?s name to be included on a motion forlicensure the criminal background report must be submitted to the Bar no laterthan 14 calendar days prior to the date the motion is submitted to the Court.The LPP Admissions Committee may withdraw or modify its approval based uponinformation contained in the criminal background report. In the event thecriminal background report is not timely received by the Bar, an Applicant willnot be included on the motion for licensure.

(2) Applicants may submit anapplication without having completed the national certification requirementsset forth in 15-703(b)(3), provided that the national certification iscompleted within one year of the successful passage of the LPP examination.Applicants will be unable to obtain licensure prior to successfully completingthe national certification.??

(c) Withdrawal of applications and refunds. To withdraw an application,written notice must be provided. If written notice of withdrawal is received bythe LPP Admissions Office 30 calendar days or more before the examinationdate, one-half of the filing fee will be refunded, unless theApplicant withdraws after appearing before the LPP Admissions Committee orafter the Bar has incurred nonrefundable expenses related to a testaccommodation request. Late fees, computer fees, and the application fees ofApplicants not taking the licensing exam(s) are nonrefundable.

(d) Postponement of application. An Applicant may only postpone ortransfer her or his application due to emergency circumstances or pursuant toRule 15-708(b)(4)(A). Emergency transfers are subject to the followingrestrictions:

(1) The Applicant must provide a written request, includingpayment of the prescribed transfer fee, prior to the conclusion of thelicensing exam(s).

(2) Proof of the emergency must be provided. The reasons for thetransfer are limited to two circumstances:

(A) a personal medical emergency, or

(B) a death in the immediate family.

(3) The transferring Applicant must specify which future licensingexam(s) she or he plans to take. The exam(s) must be taken within the next twoscheduled licensing exam(s).

(4) The Applicant must provide an Updated Application by filing aReapplication for Licensure form, updating any information that has changedsince the prior application was filed, and a new criminal background check. TheReapplication for Licensure form should be submitted by the initial applicationdeadline of October 1 preceding the February/March LPP Examinations and byMarch 1 preceding the July/August LPP Examinations.  A Reapplicationfor Licensure will be accepted up to 15 calendar days after the filing deadlineif accompanied by the prescribed 15-day late fee.

(5) An Applicant is entitled to one transfer only.

(e) Retaking Licensure Exam(s). An Applicant failing a licensureexam(s) who wishes to retake the examination(s) must file a written request,including payment of the prescribed fee, by the retake deadline. Lateapplications will not be accepted.

(1) The Applicant must provide an Updated Application by filing aReapplication for Licensure form, updating any information that has changedsince the application was filed, and a new criminal background check.

(2) An Applicant who fails to achieve a passing score after sixLicensure Examination(s) may only take additional examination(s) with thepermission of the LPP Admissions Committee. A petition providing good cause asto why the LPP Admissions Committee should grant such a request must be filedwith the LPP Administrator by the retake deadline. Late applications will notbe accepted.

Effective November 1, 2020