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Rule15-702. Board - general powers.

(a) LPP Licensure. The Board shall recommend and certify to theSupreme Court for licensure as an LPP persons who possess the necessaryqualifications of learning, ability and character which are a prerequisite tothe privilege of licensure as an LPP, and who fulfill the requirements forlicensure as provided by this article.

(b) Subpoena power. The Executive Director and the General Counselshall have power to issue subpoenas for the attendance of witnesses or for theproduction of documentary evidence before the Board or before anyone authorizedto act on its behalf.

(c) Administration of oaths. Members of the Board, the ExecutiveDirector and their designees shall have power to administer oaths infurtherance of this article.

(d) Taking of testimony. Members of the Board, the Executive Directorand their designees shall have the power to take testimony in furtherance ofthis article.

(e) Regulations. The Board is empowered to appoint committees orpersons who may adopt and enforce reasonable regulations and policies infurtherance of this article.

(f) Waiver of rules. Neither the Bar nor its representatives hasauthority to waive any rule. Waiver of any rule may only be obtained bypetitioning the Supreme Court.


Effective November 1, 2018