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Rule14-716. License fees; enrollment fees; oath and admission.

(a) Court enrollment fees and Barlicense fee. After notification that the Board has approved the Applicant foradmission, the Applicant must pay to the Bar the applicable Bar license fee foreither Active or Inactive status. The Bar also collects and transmits thefederal and state court enrollment fees. The Applicant must pay to the Bar themandatory Supreme Court enrollment fee, regardless of whether the Applicantelects Active or Inactive attorney status.

(b) Motion for admission andenrollment. Upon satisfaction of the requirements of Rule 14-716(a), the Boardwill submit motions to the Supreme Court and the United States District Courtfor the District of Utah for admission certifying that the Applicants havesatisfied all qualifications and requirements for admission to the Bar. TheBoard will submit four motions for admission per year: February, May, August,and October. After the motions are submitted and upon approval by the SupremeCourt and the United States District Court for the District of Utah and upontaking the required oath, an Applicant is eligible to be enrolled into Utah'sstate and federal courts.

?(c) Oath of attorney and certificate ofadmission. Every Applicant must take an oath. The oath must be administered bythe clerk of the Supreme Court, the clerk of a court of the United States, aUtah state judge of district or juvenile court level or higher, a judge of acourt of the United States or a judge of a court of general jurisdiction orhigher of a state of the United States. In the event of military assignment, amilitary court judge may administer the oath. After administration of the oath,each Applicant must sign the roll of attorneys maintained by the clerk of theSupreme Court at which time the Applicant receives a certificate of admission.If the oath is administered other than at a regularly scheduled ceremonyconducted by the Court, the Applicant must contact the clerk of the SupremeCourt for information on administration of the oath, and if applicable, theclerk of the United States District Court for the District of Utah.

(d) Time limit for admission. Afterreceiving notice of approval for admission, an Applicant must pay theprescribed license and enrollment fees and take the oath as required by Rule14-716(c) within six months or approval for admission is automaticallywithdrawn. Failure to timely satisfy the provisions of this rule requires anApplicant to recommence the application process including the submission of anew application, the payment of application fees, a new character and fitnessinvestigation and the retaking of the Bar Examination, if applicable.

Effective September1, 2020.