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Rule 14-706

Rule 14-706. Testaccommodations.

(a)Disabilities and impairments. An Applicant who has mental, physical, orcognitive disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act("ADA")may request test accommodations. The request, including all supporting medicaldocumentation, shall be made in writing at the time of application in theformat prescribed by the Bar. The decision on such requests shall be made bythe Test Accommodations Committee. Test accommodation requests received afterthe application filing deadline shall not be considered until the review periodprior to the immediately following examination. An Applicant requesting testaccommodations who withdraws within 60 days prior to the examination date maybe charged a fee equivalent to any nonrefundable expenses the Bar has incurredresponding to the accommodation request.?The Applicant must demonstrate that:

(a)(1)she or he is disabled as defined by the ADA; and

(a)(2)the disability impacts her or his ability to take theBar Examination; and

(a)(3)the accommodation requested is necessary to meet thelimitation caused by the disability.

(b)English as a second language. English as a second language is not a cognitivedisability or impairment.

(c)Review. An Applicant may request a review of the decision.? The review will be conducted in accordancewith Rule 14-715.

(c)(1)The review will only reexamine the documentation the Applicant submitted at thetime she or he requested accommodation, the written opinion of the Committee?spsychologist, the written recommendation of the Test Accommodations Committeeand the Bar?s written decision.

(c)(2)Any attempt to change the original accommodations request or submit new medicaldocumentation will be considered a new request for accommodation. The newrequest must be resubmitted to the Test Accommodations Committee for review andis subject to the deadlines set forth in Rule 14-706(a).

Effective Date May 1, 2016