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Rule 14-703

Rule 14-703. Qualificationsfor admission of Student Applicants.

(a)Requirements of Student Applicants. The burden of proof is on the Applicant toestablish by clear and convincing evidence that she or he:

(a)(1)has paid the prescribed fees and timely filed therequired Complete Application as a Student Applicant in accordance with Rule14-707;

(a)(2)is at least 21 years old;

(a)(3)has graduated with a First Professional Degree in lawfrom an Approved Law School;

(a)(4)is of good moral character and satisfies therequirements of Rule 14-708;

(a)(5)has successfully passed the MPREand the Bar Examination;

(a)(6)has a proven record of ethical, civil and professionalbehavior; and

(a)(7)complies with the provisions of Rule 14-716 concerninglicensing and enrollment fees.

Effective Date May 1, 2016