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Rule 14-418. Remote groupCLE.

(a) Remote Group CLE is onemethod by which an attorney may obtain Live CLE.

(b) Remote Group CLE must:

(b)(1) be presented from alocation in Utah via a live streaming audio-visual presentation to a remotelocation or remote locations in Utah, approved by the Board, where the lawyeror paralegal practitioner is present;

(b)(2) allow attendees toask, and receive answers to, questions during the CLE presentation via voice oran electronic method; and

(b)(3) be sponsored orcosponsored by the Bar.

(c) A person who applies forapproval of a remote location shall:

(c)(1) ensure that thelocation is large enough to allow at least ten lawyers or paralegalpractitioners to attend at the remote location and to accommodate more lawyersor paralegal practitioners than the number that will attend from the same firmor office;

(c)(2) ensure that theremote location is open to any member of the Bar who wishes to attend at theremote location, subject to maximum occupancy requirements; and

(c)(3) within five daysafter the day of the Remote CLE, provide the Bar with a list containing thenames and Bar numbers of each attorney and each paralegal practitioner whoattended the CLE at the remote location.

(d) Remote location approvalfor Remote Group CLE occurs as follows:

(d)(1) The Bar will postnotice of the Remote Group CLE on the Bar?s website at least 30 days before theday of the CLE, including in the notice the process and deadline to apply forapproval of a remote location.

(d)(2) No later than sevendays before the day of the CLE, a person may apply to the Utah State Bar CLEDepartment for approval of a remote location.

(d)(3) The application forapproval of a remote location must include: the title of the CLE; the addressof the remote location; a description of the remote location, including themaximum occupancy of the remote location; a description of the equipment thatwill be used at the remote location to comply with the communicationrequirements; the name and contact information of a person who will beavailable during presentation of the CLE to resolve any technical issuesrelating to communication and communication equipment at the remote location;subject to maximum occupancy requirements, a statement that any member of theBar is able to attend the CLE at the remote location at no cost other than thecost imposed by the CLE provider for the CLE; and any other informationrequired by the Board.

(d)(4) Upon approval by theBar of the remote location, the Bar will post notice of the remote location onthe Bar?s website.

Effective May 1, 2021.