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Rule 14-413. CLEAccreditation for qualified audio and video presentations, webcasts, computerinteractive telephonic programs, writing, lecturing, teaching, public service,and live attendance.

(a) Self-Study CLE Creditwill be allowed for Accredited audio and video presentations, webcasts orcomputer interactive telephonic programs, writing, lecturing, teaching, andservice in accordance with the following.

(a)(1) One hour ofSelf-Study CLE credit will be allowed for viewing and/or listening to 60 minutesof audio or video presentations, webcasts, or computer interactive telephonicprograms in accordance with Rule 14-408(a).

(a)(2) Upon application tothe Board, the Board may grant a waiver, permitting a lawyer or paralegalpractitioner on active status to obtain all required hours of credit throughSelf-Study CLE, if the lawyer or paralegal practitioner:

(a)(2)(A) does not reside inUtah; and

(a)(2)(B) is engaged infull-time volunteer work for a religious or charitable organization.

(b) Self-Study CLE isallowed for writing and publishing an article in a legal periodical inaccordance with the following.

(b)(1) To be eligible forany credit, an article must:

(b)(1)(A) be written toaddress a lawyer audience;

(b)(1)(B) be at least 3,000words in length;

(b)(1)(C) be published by arecognized publisher of legal material; and

(b)(1)(D) not be used inconjunction with a seminar.

(b)(2) Three Self-Studycredit hours will be allowed for each 3,000 words in the article. Anapplication for Accreditation of the article must be submitted at least 30 daysprior to reporting the article for credit. Two or more authors may share creditobtained pursuant to this paragraph in proportion to their contribution to thearticle.

(c) Self-Study credit isallowed for lecturing in an Accredited CLE program, part-time teaching by alawyer or paralegal practitioner in an approved law school, or delivering apaper or speech on a professional subject at a meeting primarily attended bylawyers, paralegal practitioners, legal assistants, or law students inaccordance with the following.

(c)(1) Lecturers in anAccredited CLE program and part-time teachers may receive three hours ofSelf-Study credit for each hour spent in lecturing or teaching as provided inRule 14-409(a)(1), including participation in panel discussions.

(c)(2) Lecturers in acommunity outreach capacity, as described in Rule 14-409(a)(2), may receive onehour of Self-Study credit for each hour spent in lecturing or teaching providedsuch CLE credit does not exceed four hours for a Compliance Cycle for a lawyeror two hours for a Compliance Cycle for a paralegal practitioner.

(d) Full-time law schoolfaculty members may receive Self-Study CLE credit for lecturing and teaching,including participating as a presenter in a panel discussion, but only forlecturing and teaching Accredited CLE courses.

(e) Credit is allowed forLive CLE in accordance with Rule 14-408(a).

(e)(1) A lawyer must obtaina minimum of six Accredited CLE hours, with no maximum restriction, throughLive CLE.

(e)(2) A paralegalpractitioner must obtain a minimum of three Accredited CLE hours, with nomaximum restriction, through Live CLE.

(f) The total of all hoursallowable under paragraphs (a), (b), (c), and (d) of this rule may not exceedsix hours during a Compliance Cycle for a lawyer, nor three hours during aCompliance Cycle for a paralegal practitioner.

Effective May 1,2021.