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Rule 14-411. BoardAccreditation of CLE.

The Board in its discretionmay Accredit CLE in accordance with the following standards.

(a)The CLE must be ofintellectual or practical content and may include an ethics or professionalismand civility component.

(b) The CLE must contributedirectly to a lawyer's or paralegal practitioner professional competence orskills, or the lawyer's or paralegal practitioner ethics or professionalism andcivility obligations.

(c) CLE leaders or lecturersmust have the necessary practical or academic skills to conduct the CLEeffectively.

(d) Prior to or during theCLE, each attendee must be provided with written or electronic course materialsof a quality and quantity which indicate that adequate time has been devoted topreparation and which are of value to lawyers in their practice of the law.One-hour CLE courses meet this requirement by providing an outline of the CLE?scontent.

(e) The CLE must bepresented in an appropriate setting.

(f) The CLE must be madeavailable to lawyers and paralegal practitioners throughout the state unlessthe CLE provider demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Board that there isgood reason to limit availability. A CLE provider may, upon Board approval,make some hours of a CLE course available to all lawyers and paralegalpractitioners and some hours available to only certain lawyers or paralegalpractitioners. A CLE provider may, for example, limit CLE to lawyers orparalegal practitioners who specialize in a particular area of law, lawyers whoare primarily plaintiff?s lawyers, defense lawyers or prosecutors, lawyers orparalegal practitioners who fulfill a particular government function, orlawyers or paralegal practitioners who are employed by a particular branch oflocal or state government. A CLE provider shall submit a request for approvalto limit availability of hours at least 30 days before the day of the CLE. Alawyer may not accrue more than three hours of CLE to which availability islimited per Compliance Cycle. A paralegal practitioner may not accrue more thanone hour of CLE to which availability is limited per Compliance Cycle. The CLEprovider is responsible to provide to the Board, no later than 30 days afterthe day of the CLE, an accurate list of the lawyers and paralegal practitionerswho attended each hour of limited availability. Repeated failure to comply witha deadline described in this Subsection (f) may result in denial of futurerequests to limit availability.

(g) A CLE provider orattendee must submit to all reasonable requests for information related to thecourse or activity.

(h) A CLE provider orattendee must submit a written request for Accreditation on an approved formwithin 60 days prior to or 30 days following the CLE. A CLE provider whodesires to advertise CLE as being Accredited must submit a request for approvalat least 30 days prior to the CLE. CLE to which availability is limited must besubmitted for approval at least 30 days prior to the CLE. A CLE provider mustapply separately for Accreditation of Self-Study CLE.

(i) The CLE provider mustsubmit the registration list in an approved format, with CLE fees ifapplicable, within 30 days following the presentation of the CLE.

(j) A CLE provider who failsto comply with a deadline described in this Rule 14-411 must pay a $100 latefee.

Effective May 1, 2021.