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Rule 14-407. MCLErequirements for lawyers on active emeritus status.

(a) Lawyers on activeemeritus status must comply with MCLE requirements by participation in sixhours of Accredited CLE during each Compliance Cycle.

(b) Alternative. In the alternative,lawyers on active emeritus status may work in conjunction with another Utahlawyer on active status in lieu of complying with the requirement of six hoursof Accredited CLE. These lawyers must contact the MCLE Board Director prior toworking with another active Utah lawyer. A lawyer on active emeritus status whoelects to work in conjunction with another Utah lawyer on active status in lieuof complying with six hours of Accredited CLE must file with the Board a signedstatement verifying that the lawyer has complied with the requirements of thisrule by July 31 following the end of the Compliance Cycle in which the reportis due.

(c) Return to active status.An emeritus lawyer who is on inactive status for six months or more and whoreturns to active status must complete the six-hour Accredited CLE requirementby June 30 of the Compliance Cycle that begins after the emeritus lawyer?sreturn to active status.

(d) An emeritus lawyer whohas been on inactive status for less than six months may not elect emeritusactive status until completing the Accredited CLE requirements that wereincomplete at the time the emeritus lawyer elected to be enrolled as aninactive member.

Effective May 1, 2021.