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Rule 14-204

Rule 14-204. Meetings of theBar.

(a) Dates and notices.

(a)(1) The time and place ofthe Bar's annual and spring conventions shall be fixed and notice given by theBoard to all licensed lawyers not less than 60 days prior to the dates of suchmeetings.

(a)(2) The time and place ofspecial meetings of the Bar shall be fixed by the Board and notice shall begiven by the Board at least 15 days prior to the date of any meeting. Thepurpose for any special meeting shall be stated in the notice.

(b) Programs. The Board shallappoint such committees and shall take such action as may be appropriate toprovide a program at the annual and spring conventions that will permitconsideration of the affairs of the Bar and matters relating to the Bar ofinterest to the members. The meetings may include such meetings of the Board,sections, committees and any local bar or other associations as may bedetermined by the Board.

(c) Report of the president.The president shall make an oral or written report of his or her administrationto the members of the Bar.

(d) Fees and charges. Aregistration fee for attendance at the annual and spring conventions may becharged to all attendees. However, the business sessions of such meetings shallbe open forum sessions and open to all lawyers licensed and in good standingwhether registered or not. The Board may also make charges for attendance atluncheons, dinners and special events in order to defray all or part of thecosts of the meetings.

(e) Reports andrecommendations. Reports of sections and committees, including recommendationsrequiring affirmative action by the members, shall be submitted to the Board atleast one month prior to the date of the annual or spring conventions. Reportsor recommendations requesting affirmative action shall be considered by theBoard and recommendations of the Board for action shall be made at the businessor open forum sessions of such meetings, and shall be open to debate at thattime within reasonable limitations prescribed by the presiding officer, and avote shall be taken. The vote of the members shall be advisory to the Board.

(f) Resolution and open forumsession. Fifteen days prior to the first general session of the annual andspring conventions, any lawyer licensed and in good standing may present inwriting any resolution pertinent to the legal profession and within theobjectives and purposes of the Bar. Resolutions so presented shall beconsidered by the Board, which shall report its recommendations with respect toaction to be taken at the business or open forum sessions, at which time suchresolutions shall be open to debate within such limitations as shall beprescribed by the presiding officer, and a vote shall be taken thereon. Thevote of the members shall be advisory to the Board. If the Board thereafterdeclines to comply with or implement any duly adopted resolution, the reasonsfor such refusal shall be set forth in the minutes of the Board.

(g) Suspension of timeprovisions. The time provisions of paragraphs (e) and (f) may be suspended bythe Board for good cause which shall be set forth in its minutes, or by anaffirmative vote of three-fourths of the members present at any businessmeeting.

(h) Record of proceedings. Arecord of the proceedings of the annual and spring conventions shall be kept bythe executive director and shall be available to the members. Parts of themeetings as may be deemed by the Board to be of general interest to the membersshall be published in the Utah Bar Journal. At the first regular meeting of theBoard held after the annual and spring conventions, a review of the proceedingsshall be made by the Board for the purpose of considering any duly adoptedresolutions or recommendations approved at those meetings.