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Rule 14-202. Bar?s purposes.

Thepurposes of the Bar include:

(a) advancing the administration ofjustice according to law;

(b) aiding the courts in carrying onthe administration of justice;

(c) regulating the admission of personsseeking to practice law;

(d) fostering and maintainingintegrity, learning, competence, public service, and high standards of conductamong those practicing law;

(e) representing the Bar before thelegislative, administrative, and judicial bodies;

(f) preventing the unauthorizedpractice of law;

(g) promoting professionalism,competence, and excellence in those practicing law through continuing legaleducation and other means;

(h) providing services to the public,the judicial system, and Bar members;

(i) educating the public about the ruleof law and responsibilities under the law;

(j) assisting Bar members in improvingthe quality and efficiency of their practice;

(k) engaging freely in all lawfulactivities and efforts, including soliciting grants and contributions that may reasonablybe expected to promote and advance these purposes; and

(l) carrying on any other businessconnected with or incidental to the foregoing objectives and purposes, andhaving and exercising all the powers conferred on corporations formed under theUtah Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act.

Effective December 15, 2020